Ancestral Stories


Are you ready to create entertaining stories without drowning your reader in historical facts
or making anything up?

(hint: you know you are!)

Join the 100+ students converting their genealogy
research into engaging stories with the 
non-writers writing course for family historians.


Let’s get real.

You want to write a fascinating family history, but whenever you sit down to make it
happen, you’re immediately overwhelmed:
  • You’re busy; you don’t have time to waste going in circles creating something that even you find boring
  • You’ve never met most of your ancestors, so how can you write exciting anecdotes about them?
  • You don’t have any family stories or recollections, only research—how can you possibly make that entertaining?
  • You aren’t confident in your writing skills and break out in a nervous sweat at the thought of others reading (and criticizing) your words.

Ugh. It’s overwhelming even thinking about it!

Now take a minute and imagine…

Picture of a family on couch

…writing a story for every single ancestor,
even if you only know a little bit about them.

(or knowing nothing but using your theories or
to craft a paragraph or two.)

…start writing your family history even when
you can only spare 10 to 15 minutes a day.

(after all, life is busy—no one has buckets of
spare time and nothing to do in it!)

…bringing your ancestors to life
so your whole family can get to know them.

(let’s face it—they’re already a part of
the family, so you really should introduce them
to everyone)

…feeling confident about your writing skills
and no longer second-guessing every word
you write.

(potentially even creating an audience
who start asking you whose story they
can read next)

All without the overwhelm of having
no stories, just a mountain of research.

You know, the one that no one else seems keen to read.

Are you ready to get on board?

If so, let me introduce you to your new family history BFF.


Ancestral Stories logo on computer monitor
An easy-to-follow four-part system to convert your genealogy research into engaging and entertaining stories of your ancestors.


Gay C. loves the Ancestral Stories training
I can’t tell you how much your workshop has motivated and inspired me.
I feel like even if I don’t produce a book (but I do hope to!), using the writing guide is an excellent way to think about and organize your research.

This course will teach you my
no-fail Non-Writers Writing Formula
and will give you everything you need to:

Gather the story

How to collate the information you have, use historical events to fill in the gaps and create an outline of your ancestor’s life.

Identify your
ancestors' story

How to decide the anecdote’s you’re telling, who you’re writing for and craft the questions that will become the building blocks of the story.

Write your
ancestor's story

How to write and edit your unique ancestral stories to make family history keepsakes that your relatives can’t wait to read.
But more importantly
You’re going to leave this training with a complete
step-by-step process to follow that will help you convert
your genealogy research into easy-to-read stories.

But that’s not all!

When you join Ancestral Stories, you’ll also snag these
sweet, sweet bonuses to speed up your results even faster:

Ancestral Stories Course Companion Workbook

The workbook version of the Ancestral Stories Workshop. It includes:

  • all the information available in the course
  • printable tools to make creating stories easier
  • space for notes and to practice your new craft

Ancestral Family History Summary Template for Canva

An 11-page family history summary template for Canva to transform your stories into beautiful heritage keepsakes

  • easy-to-use custom library of content blocks
  • customizable family tree
  • plus library of reuseable building blocks
  • create standalone pages, or something you can add to a family history book or binder
Ancestral Story Outline Template for Google Docs

Ancestral Story Outline Template for Google Docs

A simple template with custom styles to make creating your story outlines quick and easy.

  • 5 custom styles
  • easy-to-follow instructions
  • available in US (8.5 x 11 in) and A4 (210 x 297 mm)

Borrow My Brain session

A one-on-one session with Prudence to help you work through converting your research into stories.

  • one 30-minute session
  • Zoom or Google Meet call
  • you have 12-months to claim your session
Borrow My Brain session


Are you ready to convert your genealogy
research into entertaining stories?

Ancestral Stories


Have we formally met?
If not, let's do something about it!

Hi, I’m Prudence

Graphic designer. Tim Tam connoisseur. Family history enthusiast.

While our genealogy journeys probably aren’t exactly the same, I bet we have a few things in common.

For many years I struggled to convert my research into engaging stories. I had no confidence in my writing skills, and I was reasonably sure I only had boring ancestors. Where did people find the amazing stories, they told because I couldn’t find any!

It took a promise to write a book for Mum’s 70th birthday to realise that there was no magic library of historical stories. If I wanted stories worthy of a Who Do You Think You Are episode, I would have to write them.

Fast-forward to today. I wrote the family history book—almost 200 pages. And for four years, I’ve been publishing a family history blog. I share tips on how to write stories and design beautiful heritage keepsakes to share with your family.

I created this workshop because I wanted to share my no-fail formula on converting your research into engaging and exciting stories to help family history enthusiasts just like you.

I can’t wait to show you!

Constance found the Ancestral Stories workshop and workbook helpful
The workshop/workbook make it seem easy enough for a writing novice to complete a family story.
I like your emphasis on narrowing the focus of the writing; you just can’t write it all at once.

Your life BEFORE Ancestral Stories:

  • Spending precious time trying to write stories with nothing but an empty page and blinking cursor to show for it.
  • Overwhelmed by your mountain of research and no idea how to start converting that into interesting stories
  • Using the same introduction for every ancestor so often that even you think they sound all the same.
  • Enviously hearing about other people’s ancestors who appeared to live much more exciting and adventurous lives than yours did.
  • Daydreaming that the producers of Who Do You Think You Are call and offer to write all of your ancestors’ stories for you.
  • Lack confidence in your writing abilities so you won’t show any of the stories you wrote to anyone.

Your life AFTER Ancestral Stories:

  • You get the most out of every writing session because you know how to convert your research into stories without pulling your hair out.
  • Using the writing plan you created, your ancestors’ stories are practically writing themselves. No more wasted time and blinking cursors!
  • You see your ancestors from a different perspective—how did you ever think they were all boring?
  • Feeling creative, inspired and confident in your storytelling skills.
  • You no longer dread the question “are you going to write your family history”—the answer is “Yes.”

I believe that Ancestral Stories is the perfect fit for family historians who are struggling to turn their genealogy research into engaging stories. However, if you join and don’t feel that this program can help you create a story outline and convert it into narrative non-fiction, then contact the support team within the first 7-days of the course to receive a full refund.

I’ll ask you to complete a short survey as a part of the refund process, so I can use the information to continue to improve the masterclass content and marketing. I want you to get the best value from your purchase, so please reach out to our support team if you have any issues, and we’ll be happy to resolve them with you. Click here to email the support team.

Question? Answers here!

How long do I have access to the training?
You’ll have lifetime access to the course, so you have plenty of time to watch it multiple times.

What is the time commitment?
Block out 30 to 45 minutes for the video training of each module and 3 to 5 hours to put your new skills into practice.

Are there any prerequisites?
It’s helpful if you already have some research completed so you can practice using your ancestors as an example.

Are there any other material or equipment costs besides the enrollment cost of the workshop?
No, you already have everything you need.

What is the investment?
US$147.00 to learn the four-part system to convert your genealogy research into a compelling, character-driven narrative.

When can I book a ‘Borrow My Brain’ session?
You’ll receive a unique link to the calendar booking system to book a call that suits your schedule. You must claim your sessions within 12 months of purchasing the course.

Didn’t see an answer to your question?
Send it to me via email or book a 15-minute call to chat over Zoom.

Are you ready to convert your
research into shareable stories?

Get instant access to the entire training and
start bringing your family history to life today.

Ancestral Stories


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