The 3 Basic Phases of Compiling a Family History

The Creative Family Historian — The 3 Basic Phases of Compiling a Family History

When it comes to finding our ancestors, we dive into databases to discover whatever we can but don’t always consider if that’s the only step to compiling a family history.

Let’s be honest. When we start on our genealogy journey, we rarely plan a thing. We don’t think past following our first real clue and discovering a hidden gem or unknown detail at the end of the trail. Then, we’re looking for the next discovery and the one after that.

Almost before we know it, we have a pile of discoveries and the overwhelming task of making them shareable. Ugh. Seems impossible, right? Especially when you show off all those newly discovered photos, certificates, and signatures only to get eye rolls and yawns.

That’s when it’s time to get familiar with what’s involved in compiling a family history, breaking down the tasks and creating a plan to make shareable keepsakes. Ones, where you’ve interpreted the dry data, added some visual enhancement and compiled it into a format that’s both inviting and easy to read.

Join me in Episode 23 to hear:

  • My definition of “family history” after 30+ years of research
  • A broad overview of the three basic phases of compiling family history
  • Standard tasks and outcomes in each phase

Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

Here’s a glance at this episode…

  • [01:52] What are the 3 basic phases for compiling a family history?
  • [03:08] Starting with Phase 1
  • [04:18] Unlocking Phase 2
  • [05:58] Finishing strong with Phase 3

A family history book is the standard format, but what you create is limited only by your imagination. Therefore, you can make a book, use binders, create trading cards, make videos, record audio or use any other format that feels the right fit for you.

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