Craft family history stories without writing.

Unlock the power of AI-writing tools to convert your genealogy research into engaging family history stories.

You want to preserve your ancestor’s experiences and adventures.

But writing stories is the last thing on your to-do list… if it’s even on the list at all.

Now, I’m not psychic, but I’m betting that you…

struggle to find the
right words to write
about your ancestors

… or any words at all.

spend hours composing a
measly sentence or two

… only to delete every
single word.

think about crafting your
family history stories 

… only you hate writing, so
you know you’ll never do it.

Let’s be honest; writing isn’t for everyone.

As a family historian, you wear a lot of hats. 

You’re already wearing hats for your roles as detective, researcher, archivist, analyst, historian, interpreter, and translator… just to name a few.

And you don’t have the time, stamina, or interest to learn another skill, even to preserve your family history.

If only there were a magic machine you could feed your research into and a story would pop out.

Picture this.

A tool that can help non-writers craft family history stories without pulling your hair out. All you need is the following:
  • carefully crafted request
  • your ancestors’ details
  • an internet connection
  • a few keystrokes.

To get an entertaining narrative ready to review.

Side effects include

Stories with a creative element you wouldn’t have thought of alone.

New ideas and perspectives that inspire further research and exploration.

Anecdotes that appeal to readers who aren’t interested in family history.

A more nuanced understanding of
your family’s past.

The answer is…

Writing Family History Stories with ChatGPT

If you want
entertaining narratives
without pulling
your hair out…

…it’s possible when Writing
Your Family History with ChatGPT because the AI-powered app generates responses in a matter of seconds.

If you want to convert
your research into
stories without
weeks of effort…

…choose one of two approaches to have ChatGPT transform transcribed research discoveries into compelling narratives in your coffee break.

If you want imaginative
retellings of your ancestor’s adventures even though
you aren’t creative…

…play to your strengths 
— like researching — and use
your AI-powered writing assistant to get descriptive on your behalf.

Feedback from students from other Creative Family Historian courses

“It is honestly AMAZING!!! So much has clicked for me in terms of how to approach writing out my ancestor stories. Thank you so much for such an amazing and inspiring course!”

Ancestral Stories

“I have been coming at this backwards—trying to put it all together as I go. Your way makes a lot more sense… the tools that you gave me have definitely made me feel more confident about actually being able to do what I want to do.

Family History Book Blueprint

“This is an excellent course with a lot of important information and excellent ideas for making family stories. Just as important, it’s very motivating. And fun. Highly recommended.”

Ancestral Stories

Hi there, I’m Prudence

I’m a graphic designer, family history enthusiast and a storyteller. Like you, I have a busy life and never enough time for research and everything on my ever-growing genealogy to-do list.

After writing a 188-page family history book in two weeks about 10 years ago (do not recommend), I’ve been on a quest to convert research into stories that people want to read.

In 2018 I launched a 3-day email challenge to help family historians convert their research to stories. The rest, as they say, is history. Since then, I’ve helped almost 200 storytellers see their family history through a different lens and write stories when they initially thought they had none.

You could say I’m passionate about preserving your family history in story format. Why? Because facts unveil, family stories prevail.

In Writing Family History Stories With ChatGPT, I combine my general storytelling strategy with the efficiency of AI-writing assistance to develop a “get you started” training for family history enthusiasts who aren’t confident in their writing abilities.

Here’s how the three-step storytelling strategy works:

Step 1

Organise your research.

Step 2
Tell yourself the story.

Step 3

Refine the story for others.

inside the training

Writing Family History Stories with ChatGPT

Get everything you need to apply the three-step storytelling strategy and go from research discoveries to ancestral anecdotes with an AI-powered writing assistant.

Don’t have time to spend hours writing? No problem. Say hello to the mini-class. Each video is carefully crafted to deliver a concise and actionable lesson in the shortest time possible, so you can write your first family story in under an hour. With this streamlined approach, you’ll quickly gain the skills and confidence to bring your ancestors’ stories to life.

Get supported with the toolkit for every lesson. You’ll have the links and tools you need at your fingertips to fast-track your learning experience.

By leveraging these resources, you’ll effortlessly translate knowledge into action, gaining the confidence and skills necessary to create captivating family histories.

Unlock the power of AI storytelling. Harness the potential of artificial intelligence to transform your existing knowledge into captivating narratives. You’ll create dynamic stories that resonate with your audience through this innovative approach.

Welcome to an easy-to-follow AI-assisted storytelling process that will do the job you hate —writing— so you can share the family history you love.

It’s the difference between leaving behind decades of research data that nobody wants or preserving it in a story format that keeps your descendants intrigued for generations to come.

Here’s what you’ll learn

Lesson 1 — Introduction.
Meet ChatGPT, discover its limitations, and get the roadmap of how the process works and what you’ll learn in this training. In the toolkit, you’ll find a downloadable PDF of the roadmap to stay on track with every story you write.

Lesson 2 — Setup.
Sign up for a ChatGPT account and get a tour of the interface so you know how to use it to generate responses, export, or delete your conversations. In the toolkit, you’ll find a link to ChatGPT so you can set up your account and start writing your stories.

Lesson 3 — Preparation.
Organise your research discoveries as you follow the five-step process to prepare a basic framework for writing your family history stories. In the toolkit, you’ll find a PDF of the five-step process to follow as you set up the framework ready to write.

Lesson 4 — Writing.
Use the framework, research discoveries and the writing swipe file to generate and respond to prompts or rewrite your transcribed historical records to create compelling narratives. In the toolkit, you’ll find the writing request swipe file to get you started working with ChatGPT to create prompts or stories.

Lesson 5 — Editing.
Use ChatGPT to check spelling and grammar, restructure sentences, suggest alternative words, and improve the readability of your story. In the toolkit, you’ll find the editing request swipe file to help you work with ChatGPT to review and refine your family history.

PLUS, when you enrol, you’ll also get...

The Ancestral Story Timeline Template
for Google Docs

Value AU $9, but it’s yours for free.

This tool will help you create the framework of your ancestor’s life that you’ll need to write their story efficiently and effectively with ChatGPT. And because it’s Google Docs, it’s compatible with any operating system.

When you click the download link in the training portal, you’ll be invited to make a copy of the template and add it to your Google Drive. Make this your master version, and then make a copy of it for every framework you make to write a new ancestor’s story.

Feedback from Creative Family Historian customers

“This is exactly what I was looking for. Help screens gave me everything I needed to make wonderful cards. The family will love them.”

Classic Ancestor Trading Card

Great idea. Easy to use. Looking forward to some family fun.”

Family Trivia Question Cards

“Awesome product! This is something I couldn’t find anywhere! Thank you!!”

Family History Summary 

Writing Family Stories with Chat GPT...

is short.

A mini-class is a bite-sized training designed to teach you what you need to know and get you started on your project in less than an hour.​

is specific.

Created for beginners, you’ll learn only what you need to know to start using ChatGPT to write and edit your family history stories.

is for non-writers.

Using an AI-writing assistant is the perfect solution for family historians who aren’t confident in their writing abilities or just hate the task.

Short on time and want to create shareable family history stories without the painstaking process of writing every word yourself? This mini-class is for you.

is not a magic wand.

ChatGPT is a tool to fast-track the writing process, not a magic wand that will produce a complete family history without any effort on your part. The story comes from your research, insights, and speculation.

is not a one-stop shop.

ChatGPT is a tool that can assist you with generating ideas and narrative but is not a one-stop shop to research, write and fact-check your ancestor’s story. You must supply facts and verify the content it generates.

is not a shortcut.

ChatGPT is not a shortcut to organise or analyse your research to better understand your family history. Instead, use it to complement your efforts to refine your knowledge of your ancestor’s story.

Are you looking for a shortcut, a magic wand or a one-app solution to discovering and writing about your ancestors or family history? This training is not the right fit for your needs.

Preserving your family history is a once-in-a-lifetime project.

One that you no longer have to shy away from it if writing stories isn’t your forte. 

Instead, when you unlock the power of AI technology, your dream to write your family history stories becomes a real possibility.

By harnessing the power of ChatGPT and exploring various writing and editing techniques, you can bring your family history to life and create a legacy cherished by future generations.

You provide:
  • a carefully worded request
  • the heart of the story

then your AI-writing assistant does the heavy lifting to convert it into a narrative as you embrace the extraordinary journey of crafting something remarkable for your family’s heritage.

Frequently asked questions answered here. Is yours?

It follows the same general process, but Ancestral Stories is a more in-depth program where you’ll dive deeply into your ancestors’ lives to write compelling family history narratives. Writing Your Family Stories with ChatGPT compliments the training provided in Ancestral StoriesHowever, it isn’t a replacement for any of the processes. The two courses be taken together.

A one-off payment of AU$47 to gain instant access. You’ll receive lifetime access to this training and any updates made to it.

Check the links below to see what that converts to for these popular currencies.

That said, I want you to be satisfied with your purchase. If you have issues accessing the program or cannot generate stories using ChatGPT and the processes taught in this mini-class, please book a call with me to work things out together.

Lifetime access means the training will be available to you as long as it is offered for enrolment. Should that change at a future date, you’ll receive 12 months’ notice that the program is being retired.

Block out 45-ish minutes for the video training, and then you’re ready to start prepping your research and writing your ancestor’s stories.

Absolutely. Send your question via email to [email protected] and I’ll respond as soon as I can.

Alternatively, book a 15-minute call with me and we can talk via Zoom.

Feedback from Creative Family Historian customers

“I loved your I.D.E.A. format. That made it easy to break down the pieces for writing the book.


Great directions, lots of fields. Just what I need to get my Ancestor files organized and their pertinent info in one spot for more research or writing.”


“I can’t tell you how much your workshop has motivated and inspired me… it is amazing the directions it has sent me in.”


unlock the power of storytelling to share your ancestor’s adventures

Writing Family History Stories with ChatGPT


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