Top 4 decisions to make before starting your family history book project

Art of Family History | Episode #036

Set yourself up for success with your next—or first—family history book project by answering four pre-planning questions before you begin — The Creative Family Historian

Are you ready to start your next—or first— family history book project? Answer these four pre-planning questions first.

You’re probably a fan of shortcuts, especially where time-consuming tasks such as a family history book project is concerned. Who doesn’t want to save themselves a little bit of time whenever possible?

The problem with shortcuts, though, is that they often create stress. Lots of stress. Plus, they make the process longer and more complicated than it ever had to be. Why? Because we try to skip steps crucial to building out the foundation of the project.

The key to any project is planning. It’s unavoidable unless you do something you’ve done dozens of times, like making a sandwich or wrapping a gift. Two things that with fewer moving parts than a family history book project.

Even then, you still do some planning. For example, you plan what sandwich you’ll make—the bread you’ll use and the fillings to add. Or you plan what wrapping paper, tape and ribbon to use.

As a graphic designer, I have created hundreds of multi-page books, from 30 pages to 200 or more. However, I never skip the planning stage and have still made a few mistakes over the years.

In episode 36 of The Art of Family History, I share my pre-planning steps to ensure that every family history book project works out as expected.

Watch the family history book project episode to learn:

  • why you should start with the end result and work backwards
  • the four crucial decisions to make before you put your finger on the keyboard

Watch until the end to learn how making these critical decisions will help you become a more confident creator. So you’ll be able to produce legacy keepsakes you’re proud of before you know it.

Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. Let me know whether you usually make these vital decisions before you begin your family history projects or if you will start doing it with the next one.

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