3 Easy Ways to Add Long Stories to Your Family History Summary

Art of Family History | Episode #032

Struggling to format your Family History Summary because columns make you nervous? Try these tricks to add new content and reposition existing elements.

Are you struggling with the Family History Summary template because you have more story than space?

Maybe you don’t have the template, but you find it hard to wrangle your text in Microsoft Word. There always seems to be a weird gap where you don’t want one, and everything shifts when you add more content, even though there seems to be enough space.

And I shouldn’t even get you started on how easy it is to “break” Microsoft Word documents, right?

Maybe you’ve even considered abandoning a project because you couldn’t get the document to behave? In that case, this episode of Art of Family History is for you.

Today, in episode 32, I’m jumping into the Microsoft Word Family History Summary template and demonstrating how to add multiple pages of content and what to do when things go wrong.

Keep watching to learn how to:

  • Replace placeholder text without upsetting the column break
  • Insert additional pages for more stories and photos
  • Move the position of the family tree or any other element

Hang around for the whole video, and you’ll be able to create custom Family History Summaries in no time.

Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. Has this tutorial inspired you to get more creative with your family history summaries?

Click the image below to watch the video now.

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Art of Family History Ep032 | 3 Easy Ways to Add Long Stories to Your Family History Summary

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