5 Simple Questions to Ask Before Buying Family History Templates

Art of Family History | Episode #035

Not sure what to look at or ask when purchasing a family history template? Check out Episode 35 of the Art of Family History to unlock the secrets to pre-purchase product description reviews to ensure you’re buying family history templates that you’ll love to use.

Let’s talk about Family History templates and why you must complete a pre-purchase review before buying one.

When it comes to family history templates, people typically consider how something looks first, the cost second and then the software compatibility and functionality. Sometimes the last two aren’t considered at all. And it’s not that they aren’t essential criteria; they are. However, people aren’t always aware of what they need to look at or ask to ensure they’re purchasing something that is the right fit for their needs.

Templates are often low-cost purchases, but it’s still frustrating when you get something that isn’t in line with your expectations. Especially when it’s something that comes with a no-return policy because it’s a digital download item.

Today, in episode 35 of Art of Family History, I’m walking you through a process to use and the top questions to ask before you buy any digital download online. Including purchasing anything from me in the Template Store.

Watch the episode to learn:

  • How to determine what you need
  • What you should be able to learn from a product description
  • The value of leaving reviews for your purchase

Hang around for the entire video, and you’ll be a savvy template buyer in no time if you aren’t already.

Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. So tell me, what templates do you currently use in your family history projects?

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Art of Family History, Episode 35 - 5 Simple Questions to Ask Before Buying Family History Templates

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