6 Inspiring Formats to Bring Your Family History to Life

Episode #025

Stuck for creative inspiration to bring your family history to life? Check out the 6 primary formats to use and find an idea right for you.

Are you looking for inspiration on the right way to bring your family history to life?

You’ve got a Pinterest board full of layouts you love, interview questions to ask, and photo sources for vintage stock images all lined up. But, you don’t have any idea of the best format to share your ancestors’ stories with all their relatives.

And the worst part? People ask when it will be ready and keep telling you that this is the fun part. Ha! If fun is spelt s-t-r-e-s-s-f-u-l, then they may be right.

Let’s turn that all around. Today in the Art of Family History, episode 25, I’m talking about six formats that you can use to bring your family history to life.

In this episode, I dive into:

  • what “bring your family history to life” means
  • typical products you can create
  • top 3 pros for you and your audience of using each format
  • potential problems to look out for to see if that format is the right fit for your style and budget
  • an overview of how to use each of the different formats for your ancestral stories.

Let’s get into it.

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