Brilliant Timeline Trick to make Formatting Your Ancestor Snapshots Simple

Looking for an easier (and faster) way to format your ancestor snapshots? Follow the link to check out this cheeky timeline trick.

Visual content, like ancestor snapshots, is the key to getting the non-genealogists in your family interested in your shared ancestry.

Design is about solving problems and creating a visual way for people to absorb information. So it makes sense that you’d use design to transform your raw historical data into ancestor snapshots to create a picture of them.

That seems reasonable, right?

But you’re not a designer and don’t know where to start or how to make that happen. Or maybe you know you can create Family History Summaries or Snapshots but put off making them because you think they must be perfect the first time. That’s a lot of pressure!

In the Art of Family History, episode 27, I will show you how to get started quickly and easily without overthinking the process. Together we’ll convert an Ancestry timeline into a Family History Summary/Ancestor Snapshot and create the first draft of a visual keepsake.

I’ll use my Family History Summary for Individuals template for Microsoft Word for the demonstration. So keep watching if you’d want to learn my process to set up draft snapshots using details from an individual timeline. I’ll cover:

  • Copying details from an Ancestry timeline
  • Reviewing the content to know what to keep and what to delete
  • Formatting your visual keepsake in under 10 minutes
  • Finding the gaps and determining where to find the info you need

Are you ready? Let’s get into it.

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