Top 4 Quality Choices to Print Your Family History Book

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The Creative Family Historian suggests the Top 4 Quality Choices to Print Your Family History Book

A popular question to hit my inbox is, “how do I choose the best way to print my family history book?”. It’s a great question because you have a wide variety of options, and they aren’t all suitable for every type of project. So you need to understand how to assess which one is right for your keepsake.

Choosing the right company to print your family history matters because you aren’t only creating a book; you’re making a family heirloom. But, of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean expensive, and I cover budget-friendly to budget-flexible options in this roundup.

Typically, you’ll choose a printer before creating the artwork file to discover the specifications and any limitations. However, projects can change in development. So, when you’re ready to print your family history book, it’s essential to clarify your project and confirm that the printer you’ve chosen can produce the outcome you want.

To help you make that initial decision, review and confirm it, I’ve put together my top options for quality printing based on page count, binding and quantity required.

Join me in Episode 24 to hear:

  • Seven questions to ask yourself before choosing a print method
  • The four key categories I use to assess each option
  • Which binding option suits each type of print company
  • Examples of each of these types of businesses

Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

Here’s a glance at this episode…

  • [02:21] Seven questions to ask yourself about your project
  • [03:57] Best option for ring binders and small print runs
  • [05:35] Budget-friendly option for spiral, wire, and comb binding
  • [07:10] Customisable keepsake print option for something extra special
  • [08:41] The most popular choice for family history books

When it comes to printing and producing your book, it’s important to choose the option that best suits your vision and budget. And, as you learned in the episode, there is a print option for every type of heritage keepsake that you might want to create. There is no right or wrong choice for the final physical copy, so embrace your inner creativity and start planning the family heirloom you’ll produce for your descendants.

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