How to Understand Styles in Microsoft Word to Format Your Family History

Art of Family History | Episode #031

Tame your family history in with these three ways to wrangle styles in Microsoft Word.

Do styles in Microsoft Word confuse you and seem to have a mind of their own? If only you could take a peek behind the scenes and see what was happening.

The good news is that you can. You can trade in the format painter tool as styles in Microsoft Word are easy to understand if you know where to look. So get ready to say hello to consistent styles and goodbye to hot mess formatting.

I’ll show you the three ways to see what is happening with the styles in Microsoft Word. So you can be confident when formatting any family history keepsakes.

I’m talking about styles in episode 31 of Art of Family History. I’ll show you a few things, so you find formatting easier and create more consistent documents.

Keep watching to find out how to

  • See all the styles in the document
  • Inspect your text to see what formatting is in use
  • Use the Draft view to see what’s happening behind the scenes in your file.

Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. I’d love to hear if these tips were useful and which of these features you’ll use to ensure consistent styles in Microsoft Word when formatting your family history keepsakes.

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How to Understand Styles in Microsoft Word to Format Your Family History

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