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Fuzzy Ink Stationery | How to quickly create greeting cards with

Use photos or inspirational quotes for print-at-home greeting cards

I’m a big fan of greeting cards. Sending them or receiving them, both are equally fun. For birthdays, for holidays, or just because. Isn’t it a wonderful surprise to open your mailbox and find something that isn’t a bill? Who doesn’t love that, right? A fabulously warm, fuzzy moment in which you know that someone is thinking of you and went to a little effort to tell you so.

Some of my favourite cards are the ones that are handmade but I’m not really crafty. Well… I am digitally crafty. With a few clicks of the mouse, my computer does half the work so I just have to print, cut out and it’s ready to write on and send.

If you are a big fan of inspirational quotes, then this is a great way to use them. It also works really well with photos if you wanted to send something special to a friend or relative.

Greeting cards created with
Examples of folded greeting cards created with

Creating greeting cards

What you will need

  • A JPG or PNG of the artwork or photo you want to use
  • Blank 4×6 page (click here to download)
    You will need to sign up to use Canva but it is free forever unless you choose to upgrade. All of my tutorials are tested using free accounts and no purchase is necessary.
  • Acrobat Reader (or similar). Get it for free over at Adobe.

Note: All printables available in my Etsy store are both JPGs and PDFs. If you are using a printable from another source that is only in PDF, then you will need to convert that to a JPG first. I use Acrobat Pro or Photoshop to do that, but I’ve heard that there are several PDF to JPG converters available online. I haven’t used any so can’t recommend one, but if you have a preferred and trusted site, please drop the link in the comments.

Let’s do it

Don’t be frightened off by the number of steps. This is quick and easy – pinky promise! I’ve timed the process and it takes me 3 minutes to create, print and cut out the card. The first time might take you longer if you have to sign up to Canva. After that, you have the setup to reuse whenever the mood strikes!

Every step has been included below to walk you through the first time or two. Steps 2 to 7 only need to be done once. The next time you just open the file you created last time, delete the image and add a new one. Did you know that Canva will save your work as you go? Look in the top left of the browser, at the end of the navigation options and you will see the save status.

These steps will create a folded 4 x 6-inch card that is blank inside.

1. Sign into
2. Click the “use custom dimensions” in the top right of the screen custom size

3. Click the arrow next to px (pixels) and change to in (inches)

Add custom greeting cards size to

4. Type 8 into width (this is wide enough for front and back)

5. Type 6 into the height field

6. Click the Design button

Add 8 to width and 6 to height.

7. Optional: Click on ‘Untitled Design’ and name your layout. Such a handy if you create several items the same size.

Name your design.

8. From the Canva layouts gallery, choose the two equal width grid (first image, second row). This will give you two image placeholders which will be the front and back of your card.

Choose 2 equal width photo grid for your greeting cards

9. Select the Uploads tab

Select upload tab to add photo for your greeting cards

10. Upload the Blank 4×6 file that you download earlier and your image. The blank will be the back of the card and your image the front.

upload both the blank image and your photo

11. Drag the Blank 4×6 image to the first (left) placeholder. The image is slightly wider than the placeholders so you can re-position if required. Then click the tick in top left of the working window.

12. Drag your image into the second (right) placeholder.

Add greeting cards image to the right placeholder

13. Your card is ready to download! Click on the Download button in the top right of the browser window.
14. Choose PDF – Print

 Set download preferences.

15. Check the crop marks and bleed option
16. Click on download

choose PDF - print and check crop marks and bleed

17. Close the dialogue box
18. Close Canva. Your file will be there next time you log in.
19. Go to your download folder and retrieve your card

Optional steps for photo cards

If you are creating a card with a photo then you can add text over the image. After step 12, click the text tab and add a heading. Change the font, size and colour to suit your design. Once you are happy, start from step 13 above.

Printing from Acrobat Reader

1. Open your PDF download. You should see something similar to the image below.

PDF view of the greeting cards in Acrobat Reader

2. Press Ctrl + P or use your preferred method to print.
3. In the print dialogue box, under Page Sizing & Handling choose Actual

Acrobat Reader print options

4. Click Print

Printing your greeting cards

You can print on any paper stock that will suit your card and is compatible with your printer. Cards with photos will print best on white stock but you may wish to experiment with metallic stock or different textures to create new effects. Remember, you are limited only by your imagination!

Printing suggestions:

  • Use your favourite paper stock
  • Print on one colour and then glue to a different coloured stock to create a two-tone card
  • Try a metallic stock for a little glitter
  • Experiment with different paper textures to create one-of-a-kind cards

Cutting out your greeting cards

Time to cut out the card. Use your preferred method to cut out the card using the crop marks as a guide. This might be a little tricky if you haven’t done it before. You can use paper trimmer or scissors. I use a metal ruler and craft knife so that I’m not cutting off the crop marks.

Finally, the last step is to fold in half and team up with an envelope. A6 for North America, C6 for other locations. Oh, and don’t forget to write on it before you pop it in the mail!

cutting out your greeting cards

Now you have the basics, it is your turn to get creative. Your imagination is the limit!

Do share photos of your creations with the community. I would love to see what greeting cards you produce and I’m sure others would like to be inspired as well! Pop a photo in the comments of the ‘Share Your Story‘ pinned post over on our Facebook page. Or post to Instagram and use the hashtag #warmfuzzyprintables

examples of finished greeting cards

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