Is SNAP Ancestor Edition the secret sauce to learning family history?

Fuzzy Ink Stationery designing tips – Is SNAP Ancestor Edition the secret sauce to learning Family History? #familyreunion #games #familyhistory #ancestors

Have you made your family deck of SNAP Ancestor Edition playing cards yet? If not, then check out the video tutorial below as I quickly put together one of my family decks.

Why SNAP Ancestor Edition?

I love board games. Growing up my siblings and me played many, and we played often. We were a large family and most games accommodate only 2 to 4 players. Therefore we had to make our own versions. You can read about that on the SNAP Ancestor Edition blog post.

Creating SNAP Ancestor Edition in PowerPoint
Customising the newly created deck of SNAP Ancestor Edition cards

That is why building ancestor specific games is a unique opportunity to tell their stories. You can engage people who may not otherwise show interest by making it fun, challenging and entertaining. It’s incredible how much knowledge sticks and can spark interest long after the game is over.

Also, who wouldn’t want to hang out with their Ancestors?

Template in action

Click the download link in the sidebar to grab the Microsoft PowerPoint template and start creating a set of SNAP Ancestor Edition cards starring your own family.

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