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Have you thought about how you're going to share
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How about a “one-size-fits-all” template that is
easy-to-use and has a customisable family tree?
Family History Summary TEMPLATE FOR 50% OFF

Use with either Microsoft 365—OR—Google Docs

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Family History Summary
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What’s in it for you.

The Family History Summary template makes it easy to transform your genealogy research into a collectable that will grab attention! It’s been designed with placeholders and prompts so you can focus on telling your ancestors’ story and creating their unique family tree with customisable building blocks.

Not a techie? Then you’ll love this product. It’s easy-to-use and comes with both a detailed instruction guide and step-by-step videos.

The Family History Summary for Individuals template does the hard work for you. It includes:
  • a photo placeholder (to show off your ancestor’s good looks)
  • story prompts (to help you tell your ancestor’s story)
  • family tree building blocks (for family trees as unique as each of your ancestors)
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BONUS Graphic Element Library

A free library of graphic elements to further customise your Family History Summary. Use a different one for each family line or follow the instructions to create your own.

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Lindsay gave it 5 stars.

This product is well formatted and instructions are easy follow. Does the hard work for you. You just fill in the details.

Cami gave it 5 stars.

WOW! I have thought about this product over the years but didn’t realize all that was behind what you see. Files explaining how to do it yourself. Videos guiding through the whole process. She has outdone herself in creating the Ancestor summary. Such an amazing tool to get to know ancestors better. Thanks for all your hard work!

Nancy gave it 5 stars.

LOVE THESE! Thank you! A unique layout which is not only easy to view the summary info but PLEASING to look at.

Jill gave it 5 stars.

This is such an easy and useful tool for my genealogy! The instructions are easy to follow! Thank you!
Available at this great price for
The deal has expired.

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