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Family History Book Blueprint

Unlock the secret to compiling family history books that your relatives want to read.

Get your one-and-done creative solution for producing family history books with my signature I.D.E.A.S. framework to identifydecide, evaluate, arrange, and setup all your content.

“This course helped me break through my mental block on the organization of my family book’s content. I’ve been kicking organization ideas around in my head for years, and 45 minutes into this class I had it all organized in a way that finally makes sense.

— Karen —

You aren’t only making a book, you’re creating a legacy.

A family history book is more than a compilation of your ancestral stories; it’s your gift for future generations to learn about their ancestors’ lives.

Uh, no pressure, right?!

Creating a book is a big project...

…one that can transform you into a stressed and frazzled genealogist.

  • Everyone said this would be fun and easy, yet you’ve rearranged the same page many, many times, and it’s still not right.

  • You’re stuck… but you didn’t start — after pondering for years, you can’t decide which ancestor to put first and who comes after that. Complex jigsaw puzzles are easier to work out!

  • The name of your second-grade summer vacation essay got more interest than your current family history book title. What exactly is a hook anyway?

  • You’re tight on time, so you do #allthethings at once — researching, writing and designing — yet you’re not making any progress unless it’s in a backwards direction.

Plus, you’re already wearing a lot of hats — researcher, analyst, historian, writer, storyteller, interpreter, translator, archivist — and don’t have the capacity to add another — designer — to the list.

It’s time-consuming, confusing, and roadblocks keep popping up every time you try to make it happen.

What if you could develop family history books without pulling your hair out?

Imagine being a calm and confident family history book creator with a process where you:

  • Format each page only once because you know what it will look like before touching your keyboard. Okay, maybe you tweak a word or two, but it’s basically a once and done process.

  • Stop overthinking the order of your family history book content because you have a framework to follow that works every time. Every. Single. Time. Buh bye, unwinnable debates with yourself!

  • Ditch the dread and confidently craft compelling titles and supporting subtitles that intrigue your readers and pique their curiosity to learn more. Your new favourite family history task, perhaps?

  • Unleash your productivity superpower, reduce errors, and ditch attention residue by first researching, then writing and finally designing. After all, multi-tasking is a myth.

“I have been coming at this backwards—trying to put it all together as I go. Your way makes a lot more sense… the tools that you gave me have definitely made me feel more confident about actually being able to do what I want to do.

— Melissa —

But can you go from stressed and frazzled genealogist to calm and confident family history book creator without learning graphic design?

Absolutely, with two of the publishing industries’ not-so-secret tools — templates and layout plans.


…do the heavy lifting design work for you, making it easy to create beautiful heritage keepsakes. However, they are only a part of the process as they don’t teach you how to put your books together.

Layout Plans...

…are your book design blueprint which you’ll use to guide you as you add your content to the template and create memorable family heirlooms. You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint, and you shouldn’t make a book without one either.

You can find templates in online marketplaces, but how do you unlock the secrets of the layout plan, so you understand how to use the two tools together?

If only there was a guide to show you the exact steps required to identify the story, develop the framework, and organise your content...


Family History Book Blueprint Masterclass

A step-by-step guide to planning and arranging your ancestral discoveries into shareable family history books and binders
The Creative Family Historian - Family History Book Blueprint course

In the Family History Book Blueprint Masterclass I teach you the secret to making a layout plan. I not only walk you through completing the grid to develop your Family History Book Blueprint, but all the essentials steps that happen before you get to that point. Steps like:

  • Getting clear on the story you’re compiling

  • Identifying and auditing the available content to see what you still need

  • Crafting a compelling title and supporting subtitle

  • Determining the best content structure to use

  • Evaluating your family history book template so you know exactly how to use it

  • Customise the layout plan to fit your stories, content and template

This isn’t just any book design planning course; it’s specifically tailored for family history content.

Book design planning... is that necessary?

Planning is an essential aspect of every project, especially when creating something to last for generations, like a family history book. After all, it isn’t only a record of your ancestors’ lives; it’s a future family heirloom and your gift to the generations to come.

Family history books aren’t only another creative project. Nor are they just a photo book or a printed report from your genealogy software. Instead, they’re a puzzle that you’ll piece together, but first, you need to see the complete picture to guide its creation.

Say hello to the Family History Book Blueprint.

And to me, Prudence, The Creative Family Historian.

I’m a graphic designer with 25+ years of experience in template and book design. My mission is to help fellow genealogists — like you — bring your family history to life.

I’ve been actively searching for my ancestry since 1990 and working as a graphic designer since 1997. My career has taken me across the globe, and I spent many years specialising in book and multi-volume document production. And that includes producing several family history books for myself and for clients.

In the Family History Book Blueprint Masterclass, I share everything I know about putting together a keepsake that tells the stories and is an entertaining experience for your reader.

The secret to creating engaging family history books is

having a strategy

developing a structure

creating a content plan

This masterclass teaches you how to do so in a way that fits your unique ancestral stories and it takes less time than you think — a lot less. 

So, by the end of this program you’ll be able to:

Quickly — and without stress — validate who to include and how to feature them

Craft an engaging book title and supporting subtitle to hook your reader without overthinking the process

Develop an actionable content to-do list with #allthetasks to reduce stress so you can enjoy the book creation process

Build an easy-to-follow family history book framework to create an incredible reader experience

Expertly assess and organise your content to ensure that it’s publication-ready

Construct a Family History Book Blueprint, so you know where everything will go instead of dumping content on a page and hoping for the best

“I like how you broke it all down and definitely feel less daunted about tackling my family history book!

— Estelle —

So, what’s inside the
Family History Book Blueprint?

The program has six essential parts, plus teach sheets and activities for each video training.
It’s self-paced for you to complete whenever it fits into your schedule. 


  • Overview of the program and outcome

  • Introduction to the I.D.E.A.S. framework

  • Teach sheets vs. activity sheets

Module 1 | Identify

  • Overview of the Identify module and outcome

  • Characters. Establish the foundation cast list.

  • Connection. Clarify and connect story to characters.

  • Content. What it is and how to use it.

Module 2 | Decide

  • Overview of the Decide module and outcome

  • Content Framework. What it is and which one is the best fit for your family history book.

  • Chapter Strategy. Creating useable navigation for the ultimate reader experience.

  • Book Name. Craft an engaging book title and subtitle.

Module 3 | Evaluate

  • Overview of the Evaluate module and outcome

  • Template 101. Review any family history book template and determine the best way to use it for your project.

  • Content Audit. Assess, audit and organise your content so it’s ready to use.

  • To-Do List. Create an actionable list of outstanding tasks.

Module 4 | Arrange

  • Overview of the Arrange module and outcome

  • Family History Book Blueprint. Create the layout plan to show how your content will fit into the family history book template you’ve chosen for this project.

Module 5 | Setup

  • Overview of the Setup module and outcome

  • Template Prep. Sync the page structure of your template with the plan outlined in your Family History Book Blueprint.

  • Format Like A Pro. The stress-free three-step system for formatting your family history books.

  • Export Essentials. Export files for print or digital distribution from, Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

Grab the complete package, and you’ll also get these additional tools and training to help you format your family history book and navigate the production phase.

Facebook Community
(live round)

5 weeks of live Q+A sessions with Prudence inside the FHBB Facebook Community for Members Only

Print + Production Guide

  • Production Prep. Select a suitable print and production option for your family history book project.

  • Final checks. Review and refine your document for print.

  • Production Prep Checklist. Printable two-page step-by-step checklist of what to do when you finish editing to prep the file for print or digital distribution.

Copyright Checklist

  • Copyright 101. An introductory guide for creative commons and copyright licensing.

  • Printable step-by-step checklist on how to check you have permission to use all images included in your family history book.

Monthly Q+A Plus Replay Library

  • Monthly Live Q+A. Invitation to attend a live question and answer session via Zoom on the last Friday of every month.

  • Submit Your Questions. Can’t attend live? Submit your questions via Google form a week before the monthly call.

  • Lifetime* access to the monthly Q+A replay videos.

Family History Book Audit

  • 60-minute zoom call with Prudence to review your completed artwork file and provide guidance and tips
    for final production.

  • Plus every thing included with the  Family History Book Audit service


I believe that the Family History Book Blueprint Masterclass is the perfect fit for family historians struggling to structure, organise and arrange their stories and photos into engaging and shareable family history books and binders. However, if you join and don’t feel that this program can help you create a layout plan for your family history book, contact the support team within the first 7-days of the course to receive a full refund.

I’ll ask you to complete a short survey as a part of the refund process, so I can use the information to continue to improve the masterclass content and marketing. I want you to get the best value from your purchase, so please reach out to our support team if you have any issues and we’ll be happy to resolve them with you. Click here to email the support team.

So, is the Family History Book Blueprint Masterclass the right program for you?

Do any of these statements sound like you?

You want to solve the puzzle of how to organise your ancestral stories and content so that it makes sense to your reader.

You’ve written (or are ready to start) your ancestral stories, plus have other genealogy discoveries and family photos ready to use.

You understand that creating family history books is a time investment, and you’re ready to make it.

You want to create a tangible family heirloom and legacy for all future generations of your descendants.

You’re interested in creating books that provide an entertaining, educational and engaging experience for your reader.

You want to create coffee-table style books that aren’t simply a report exported from your family tree software.

Is that a “heck yes”? Then the Family History Book Blueprint Masterclass can help you achieve your goals.

The Family History Book Blueprint
may not be best choice right now if...

You want help writing your ancestor’s stories right now.

Check out our non-writers writing course Ancestral Stories.

You’re looking for ready-to use family history book templates.

Peruse the variety of family history templates in the Template Store.

You’re new to genealogy and looking for research tips instead.

Check out the family history resources on our website.

Still have a question or two?

Check out the answers to these frequently asked questions. If you have a different question, then ask away! Either book a discovery call or email our support team.

How long do I have access to the training?

For the lifetime of the course.

Can I purchase the program as a gift for my favourite genealogist?

Absolutely. Please email our support team for more details.

I can’t start the course on the scheduled date, can I do it later?

You can start the course at any time that suits your schedule. It’s a self-paced program that you can complete as it suits your schedule. However, please be aware that the refund guarantee ends seven (7) days after the course materials are released.

How much time will I need to create a family history book blueprint?

It will depend on how much content you have ready to use. If everything is ready to go (e.g. stories written, photos scanned etc.), you can complete a family history book blueprint for a 100-page book in three to four hours.

I need to write my ancestors’ stories. Is that included?

No. This program focuses on the structure, strategy and organisation of your family history book content. However, if you need help writing the stories, then you might be interested in our Ancestral Stories course.

Are there any other material or equipment costs besides the enrolment cost?

Yes, you’ll need to allow for the printing, production and shipping costs of your family history book.

How do I get the final file to the printer? Will you help?

Yes, that’s covered in Module 5 of the program.

Is this the same thing that Shutterfly (or a similar service) offers?

No. Shutterfly (and similar services) are production companies that create the physical heritage keepsake that you’ve planned. The Family History Book Blueprint teaches you how to develop the correct framework, strategy and content plan necessary to make engaging keepsakes and create a fabulous experience for your reader.

Will I have a print-ready book by the end of the program?

Yes,  if you have all your content —stories and photos etc.— ready to use and complete the activities after each lesson, you’ll have a print ready PDF to send to your preferred production house.

How can I get help from you while working through the modules?

Participants who purchase the Complete Program will have access to the members only Facebook Community with twice-weekly live  calls during the annual live round. As well as the Monthly Live Q+A call plus replay library.

Participants who purchases the Essentials program have the option of email support from Prudence and her team.

I’m not tech-savvy. Will this program include software tutorials to create my family history book?

No. This program focuses on the structure, strategy and organisation of your family history book content.
If you’re using a Creative Family Historian family history book template, you’ll also receive access to The Template Training Academy with video tutorials and teach sheets. If you’re using a template produced by another designer, contact them directly to find out what training and support they offer.

Does the training include how to design a template?

No. This program focuses on the structure, strategy and organisation of your family history book content. I recommend purchasing a family history book template from The Template Store or from a trusted provider of your choice.

What is your refund policy?

I believe that the Family History Book Blueprint Masterclass is the perfect fit for family historians struggling to structure, organise and arrange their stories and photos into engaging and shareable family history books and binders. However, if you join and don’t feel that this program can help you create your family history book, contact the support team within the first 7-days of the course to receive a full refund.

I’ll ask you to complete a short survey and refund request form as a part of the process. I’ll use all information provided to continue to improve the masterclass content and marketing.

Are you ready to unlock the training to start planning for your family history books?

Family History Book Blueprint Masterclass

A step-by-step guide to planning and arranging your ancestral discoveries into shareable family history books and binders

The Creative Family Historian - Family History Book Blueprint course

“I loved your I.D.E.A. format. That made it easy to break down the pieces for writing the book.

— Janet —


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