Family History Template Design

Invest in a custom-designed family history book template, content layout plan, plus personalised instruction guide and tutorial video, so you're ready to start creating your heritage keepsakes.

A family history book is often a once-in-a-lifetime project, so you want to create something that leaves a memorable impression.

You can pull something together, but your readers don’t seem interested, and it doesn’t look like your vision of a family history book. Not to mention that you still aren’t sure exactly how to organise all of your content.

If only you could get a family history book template created specifically for your content and ancestral stories…

...introducing the Family History Book Template Design service

For a fraction of the cost of a complete family history book design and format, I’ll create a robust template and layout plan so you can add the content yourself and leave your relatives in awe and amazed.

This package is for you if...

  • You’re ready to create your family history book and have curated stories and photos to include.
  • You are comfortable using either Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Canva or InDesign.
  • You’re looking to create family history books that are easy-to-navigate, aesthetically pleasing, and a pleasure to read.
  • You’re ready to invest time into building a beautiful, one-of-a-kind family history book.

What the Family History Book Template Design service includes

Design and development of a ready-to-use Family History Book Template. The process includes:

  • An initial 30-minute Zoom call (or similar) to establish your expectations and goals for this project
  • Setting  the foundation (page size, orientation etc.)
  • Formatting (margins, styles, page structure etc.)
  • Design (fonts, colours, image treatment etc.)
  • Deciding what type of supporting graphics to include (stock photos, charts, quotes, info, and other family history graphics) 
  • Creating the layout plan 
  • One set design concepts (2 covers, 6-8 internal pages)

We’ll have several touch points during the process, and once it’s complete, you’ll receive:

  • One blank template with content placeholders compatible with either Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Canva or InDesign
  • A complete layout plan so you know how to organise and arrange your family history book
  • Roadmap of suggested action steps to complete your project
  • Custom video demonstration of how to use the template
  •  A 30-minute Zoom call (or similar) to run through template and any final questions you have.
  • Recording of the call so you can refer back to it later.

Additional terms

  • We will create templates in your choice of either Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Canva or InDesign. 
  • Turnaround will be 10-20 business days, depending on availability. 
  • We won’t send the template files until full payment is received. If you choose split payment, then you’ll receive your files after the second payment is received.
  • You are responsible for inserting all content into the template and arranging the printing and production of the final book.
  • This package does not include additional support other than the services outlined above.
  • Due to the custom nature of this service, all payments are final and non-refundable.

How it works

After you purchase the Family History Book Template design package, you’ll receive an email with the pre-work questionnaire for you to complete. Your response will tell me:

  • which program that you want to use
  • the type of content that you have
  • what layouts to create
  • the designs that inspire you.

You’ll also receive a link to book in our first call. During the first call:

  • I’ll explain how the design process works
  • We’ll audit your content 
  • I’ll answer any questions you have.

After our call, you’ll receive a schedule with the timeframes for decisions and deliverables.

Now the fun part begins as you watch your book template come to life. I’ll create the layout plan and design concepts for the cover and 6 to 8 layouts for your feedback.

Once the design is approved, I’ll convert it into a template for the program you chose, create the action step roadmap and video tutorial.

Once full payment has been received, you’ll receive an email with a link to the training portal with the following:

  • complete layout plan on how to organise and arrange your content
  • ready-to-use family history book template 
  • roadmap of action steps to follow 
  • video tutorial demonstrating how to use the template.

You’ll also receive a link to book in a 30-minute Zoom call to run through the checklist and any final questions.

Within 72-hours, I’ll upload a recording of our call to your training portal.

Hi, I’m Prudence...

…a graphic designer and avid family history enthusiast with 25+ years experience in template and book design.

I help family historians bring their ancestors to life by converting genealogy research into engaging stories and beautiful heritage keepsakes.

I can’t wait to work with you to create the perfect family history book template for your project.

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Investment $575—​

Are you ready to start creating your unique Family History Heritage Books?