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Hey there, storyteller!

Are you looking for the
Ultimate All-In-One
Genealogy Worksheet?

First, some bad news… after five years and over 40,000 downloads, the free worksheet is no longer available.

Don’t click away yet, because I have some good news and two choices for you instead.

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Grab the FREE Essential Ancestor Discovery Worksheet

The Ancestor Discovery Worksheet is the next evolution of my multi-page, multi-purpose genealogy worksheet. It’s design to be an at-a-glance resource that makes it easy to create ancestor profiles.

  • It’s a snapshot (to capture the details of your ancestor’s life)
  • tracker (see what you’ve done and decide what to do next)
  • checklist (know what to look for and track your progress)

Use the worksheet to:

  • capture basic details (such as birth, death and marriage)
  • record details of the previous and next generation
  • monitor DNA connections
  • track where your ancestor lived, worked and travelled
  • show where you’ve looked and what to look for next

Add it to your genealogy toolkit to find out how much it will help you track down and keep track of your ancestors!

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Hi there, I’m Prudence,
The Creative Family Historian

I’m a graphic designer, passionate family history enthusiast. I’ve been drafting (and re-drafting) my family trees since the genealogy bug bit me back in 1990.

When I “discovered” graphic design a few years after that,
I began branding my family history research and creating visual, custom keepsakes to share my discoveries.

I’m here to help you bring your family history to life by converting your research into stories and beautiful heritage keepsakes.