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Resource Hub

NOTE: The Resource Hub is opening on 13 May 2024 The TCFH Accountability Club Resource Hub is hosted on the Creative Family Historian Course Portal, and you’ll receive access when

Club Community

Are you a TCFH Accountability Club member looking for the community? You can request to join at TCFH Accountability Club | Facebook. The community is hosted on Facebook. This is

Cancel Your Subscription

Are you ready to cancel your Accountability Club subscription? It can be done anytime, doesn’t impact your monthly access to the group, but will ensure you don’t charge again. Plus,

Family History Summary Timeline Hack

Not sure where or how to start populating your Family History Summary template? Try this timeline hack to get started quickly and easily without overthinking the process. In the video

Multi Page Family History Summary

Have an interesting ancestor and struggling to fit their story into one page on the Family History Summary template? Or maybe they married several time and had children with every

Reset my password

Help! I am trying to reset my password but haven’t received any emails. You may not be seeing the password reset email hit your inbox because he spam/promotions/junk folders LOVE

Where is my freebie?

Picture this. You requested a free resource from The Creative Family Historian, but nothing arrived. Or emails started hitting your inbox, but you didn’t get the requested resource. Sounds scammy,

PDF editor vs reader

When it comes to viewing and editing your PDF files, you have options. Choices between online or desktop and editor or reader. The latter trips many people up. What’s the

I received a blank email

You requested a free resource from The Creative Family Historian and received a blank email for your trouble. What the? It’s annoying, but it’s just a glitch between two software

Ancestor Trading Card Template

 These episodes will take you from setup to production. The topics are: One-time setup Create your cards Export and print  I wanted to give you a bit of a behind-the-scenes

Hey there, I'm Prudence

aka The Creative Family Historian

I’m passionate about graphic design, family history and solving mysteries. When the role of Nancy Drew’s sidekick didn’t open up, I turned to family history research to solve the “Mystery of the Missing Ancestors” instead.

My passion for uncovering family stories and solving genealogical mysteries, inspired me to create the Creative Family Historian so I can help people to preserve and celebrate their family histories through unique and visually stunning designs.

With a strong commitment to storytelling and a talent for design, I’m here to help you uncover and preserve your family stories with thoughtful design and creative solutions.