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Category: Google Docs & Slides

Family History Summary for Google Docs

This template is also known as the Classic Ancestor Snapshot. The videos below are split into three sections: 01. Before you begin 02. Create your snapshot 03. Export and print

Ancestor Bookmarks for Google Slides

The videos below are split into sections: 01. Before you begin Setup How it works 02. Front of bookmarks Classic Modern Folded 03. Back of bookmarks 04. Export & print

Change the font

Google Slides has access to the full Google Fonts library which means that nothing has to be downloaded or installed. Select the text or placeholder, browse the library and choose

Change Text & Shape Colours

Follow the instructions below to change the colour of the text, editable graphic or shape. Prefer to see it in action? Scroll down and watch the video instead. Follow the

Google Slides | Export

You can export the Google Slides file in many formats, including PDF or JPG/PNG. PDF is a high-resolution file suitable for printing JPG/PNG files are web resolution ideal for emailing,

Add or Replace Photos

Quickly add one or two photos of the birthday person or anniversary couple. Use a high-resolution photo to make sure that it reproduces clearly. Low-resolution images may be blurry when

Download Your Template

Google Slides or Google Docs templates Save the file to your Google Drive There are four steps to download your Google Slides or Google Docs template and save it to

Hey there, I'm Prudence

aka The Creative Family Historian

I’m passionate about graphic design, family history and solving mysteries. When the role of Nancy Drew’s sidekick didn’t open up, I turned to family history research to solve the “Mystery of the Missing Ancestors” instead.

My passion for uncovering family stories and solving genealogical mysteries, inspired me to create the Creative Family Historian so I can help people to preserve and celebrate their family histories through unique and visually stunning designs.

With a strong commitment to storytelling and a talent for design, I’m here to help you uncover and preserve your family stories with thoughtful design and creative solutions.