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Color and Tone

What is color tone?

So we’ve all seen photos that seem a little too blue? Or a bit too yellow? The blue means when the color tone is low and is a “cool” temperature. The yellow means that the color tone is high and is a warm temperature. Changes in color tone can happen through age, exposure or camera settings and PowerPoint views this as ‘color tone.’

Adjust color tone

Step One

Select the image that you want to adjust. This step will activate the Picture Tools/Format tab on the ribbon.

Step Two

On the Picture Tools/Format tab, in the Adjust group, select Color.

Step Three

There are seven presets under Color Tone. The three on the left will decrease the color tone (i.e., make the image cooler). While the three on the right will increase it (i.e., make the image warmer), The middle option will reset the photo to the original settings. To preview your image with different settings, hover your mouse pointer over each thumbnail.

PowerPoint Color Tone photo filter presets menu
PowerPoint color tone presets menu

Step Four

Maybe none of the presets are hitting the mark? Click Picture Colour Options to open the Format Picture pane.

PowerPoint Photo Tips Format Picture Pane Color Tone Slider
PowerPoint Format Picture pane showing Temperature slider

Step Five

Use the slider for Temperature to increase or decrease the color tone. Or enter a number to be more precise. The default setting is 6,500. Higher numbers will increase the warmth of the image, and lower numbers create a cooler photo.

Feel free to experiment as it’s easy to revert to the original settings. Either click Reset in the Format Picture pane or choose the middle option from the presets.