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Editing or Adding Text to a PDF

The Creative Family Historian creates two types of PDF printables or tools. One has fillable fields, and the other does not. So let’s look at how to edit the first and add text to the second.

Fillable Field PDF

The first question is, what is a fillable field PDF? And the second would be, how do you know if you have a PDF that falls into this category?

Great questions, thanks for asking.

Firstly, a fillable field PDF is a document that includes specific fields that can be completed without PDF editing software.

Secondly, you’ll know if you have one because there will be shaded sections that show you where the fillable fields are.

Like this:

example of a PDF document with fillable fields

To use, add text to the shaded fields and save the file. You can open the file later to add more content or edit what you’ve already done.

Everything outside the shaded fields isn’t editable in a PDF reader, and you’ll need editing software.

Non-Fillable Field PDF

Now, you’re probably thinking that PDF documents that don’t have shaded fields fall in this category. You’d be right. But just because they don’t have fillable fields doesn’t mean you aren’t able to complete them on a computer or smart device.

example of a PDF document without fillable fields

Apps like Acrobat Reader can add text, check marks and signatures to any PDF. It’s often referred to as Fill and Sign and is a tool that allows you to turn any PDF into a fillable field document. You can see it in the action in the video below: