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Page Numbers | Family History Summary Template

The Family History Summary template was designed as a single-page document, so there are a couple of steps to setting up the page numbers in your file.

  • Go to the Insert tab on the ribbon.
  • Select Page Number and choose Bottom of the Page.
  • From the menu, select Plain Number 3.

The number will be inserted on the second page and be hard to see. Follow these steps to set up the page number to be visible.

  • Go to the Home tab on the ribbon.
  • Open the Style Pane by clicking on that little black arrow at the bottom of the menu.
  • Select the Footer style, and choose Modify.
  • Change the colour to black.
  • Select Format, then Paragraph.
  • Add para-spacing of 2mm above and 2 mm below.
  • Click OK.

Now you’ll need to copy the page number to the first page of the document.

  • Press Ctrl or Cmd + A to select all.
  • Press Ctrl or Cmd + C to copy.
  • Click into the footer on the first page, and press Ctrl or Cmd + V to paste the page number.
  • An extra line will be inserted, so press backspace once or twice to delete.

The last step is to adjust the numbering so the first page is 1 instead of 0.

  • Go to either Insert or Header & Footer on the ribbon.
  • Select Page Number, and choose Format Page Numbers.
  • Change “Start at” to “Continue from previous section”.
  • Click OK.

Click out of the footer to return to the document. You’ll now have numbers on all pages of your Family History Summary.

Watch the video demonstration