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Reset my password

Help! I am trying to reset my password but haven’t received any emails.

You may not be seeing the password reset email hit your inbox because he spam/promotions/junk folders LOVE to steal the messages that you are waiting on. First up, check whichever of these folders apply to your account or search all folders for “Password Reset” to find the email.

Nothing hiding in your inbox folders?

Follow the instructions below to reset the password for your Template Store or Course HQ account.

Template Store Account

There are typically three reasons why you haven’t received the “password reset” email for your Template Store Account. Here are the three scenarios:

  1. You checked out as guest when purchasing a template, tool or training so didn’t set up a store account.
  2. The purchase you made was via a special offer and not bought in the Template Store.
  3. There has been a glitch in the system and the system cannot find your previous order.

The system will only send you a password reset message if it can find a store account that matches the email address you’ve provided.

If you should have an account, please send a copy of the invoice from your previous orders to [email protected] with a note that you’ve not received your password reset instructions. If you checked out as a guest then I can retroactively create an account for you to make it easy to download your purchases at any time.

Once you send the email, give me a change to check everything at my end. You’ll hear from me within two business days.

Course HQ Account

You’ll have access to Course HQ If you’ve enrolled in one of my programs or trainings. You’ll find the Course Login link in the navigation under “Courses” on this website.

If you’ve forgotten the password you set when signing up, it’s easy to reset it in a couple of minutes. Follow the instructions below or watch the walk through video at the end of the article.

Reset Your Course HQ Password
  • Navigate to the Course Login screen
  • Click “forgot password
  • Add the email address you used to enrol in the course
  • Click “reset my password
  • Once you see the message “We have sent a reset link to your email address; please check your email in a few minutes!”, head to your inbox
  • When you receive the email, click “Yes, send me a new password
  • You’ll be redirected to a page in your web browser where you’ll see the message “We have reset your password and emailed the new one to you; please check your email in a few minutes!“. The software that I use to host and share training materials doesn’t allow you to reset your password on screen. Instead, it will create and send one to you. Once you’ve logged in, you can change it your profile.
  • Copy the password from the email and click the button to sign in
  • You’ll be redirected to the sign in screen in your web browser. Add your email address, the new password and click the button to sign in.
Change Your Password Inside Course HQ
  • Click on your user icon in the right hand corner
  • Click “change password
  • Type or paste in a new password
  • Repeat the step above to confirm the new password
  • Click “Update Profile
  • The system will confirm when your changes have been saved successfully. You can then sign out or close that window and go in and start working on your courses.
Watch the demonstration
Walkthrough to reset your Course HQ password

If these instructions don’t work for you, please contact me ([email protected]) and send screenshots or record short Loom video to show me what is happening at your end.

If you have enrolled in a course or training, please send a copy of the invoice from your previous orders to [email protected] with a note that you’ve not received your password reset link.