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Saturation Photo Filter

Do you ever think that your photo isn’t as vivid as you remember that day? Or color the colour is too intense for the invitation or printable? That’s saturation. When talking about photos, high saturation means bright and intense colors, while low saturation indicates there is less color intensity.

Step One

Select the image that you want to adjust. This step will activate the Picture Tools/Format tab on the ribbon.

Step Two

On the Picture Tools/Format tab, in the Adjust group, select Color.

Step Three

There are 7 presets under Color Saturation. The three on the left will decrease intensity. While the three on the right will increase intensity. The middle option will reset the photo to the original settings. Preview your image with different settings, hover your mouse pointer over each thumbnail.

PowerPoint Photo Tips Color Saturation
Navigating the color saturation presets in PowerPoint

Step Four

Maybe none of the presets are hitting the mark? Click Picture Colour Options to open the Format Picture pane.

PowerPoint Format Picture Pane showing Color Saturation settings
Presets not quite right? Manually adjust the saturation in the Format Picture pane

Step Five

Use the slider for Saturation to increase or decrease the color intensity. Or enter a percentage to be more precise. The default setting is 100%. Higher numbers will increase the strength and lower numbers will decrease it.

When you experiment with the color intensity, remember that it’s easy to return to the original settings. Either click Reset in the Format Picture pane or choose the middle option from the presets.