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Change Font Family

Canva has access to a large library of fonts. Nothing has to be downloaded or installed. STEP ONE Select the text box or word to change. Then on the toolbar,

Change the font

Google Slides has access to the full Google Fonts library which means that nothing has to be downloaded or installed. Select the text or placeholder, browse the library and choose

Hey there, I'm Prudence

aka The Creative Family Historian

I’m passionate about graphic design, family history and solving mysteries. When the role of Nancy Drew’s sidekick didn’t open up, I turned to family history research to solve the “Mystery of the Missing Ancestors” instead.

My passion for uncovering family stories and solving genealogical mysteries, inspired me to create the Creative Family Historian so I can help people to preserve and celebrate their family histories through unique and visually stunning designs.

With a strong commitment to storytelling and a talent for design, I’m here to help you uncover and preserve your family stories with thoughtful design and creative solutions.