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Add or Replace Photos

Quickly add one or two photos of the birthday person or anniversary couple. Use a high-resolution photo to make sure that it reproduces clearly. Low-resolution images may be blurry when printed.

Follow the instructions to replace the placeholders with your photos or scroll down and watch the video instead.

  • Select the placeholder image.
  • On the toolbar (or via right click) select Replace image > Upload from computer
  • Browse to, select and click Open to insert the image

Adjust the photo in the placeholder

If the image doesn’t fit correctly, use the crop tool to adjust

  • On the toolbar, select the crop tool
  • Turning on the crop tool shows the full image, both what is inside and outside the boundaries of the placeholder. 

Zoom in / zoom out

Click on one of the corner handles shown in the green circles in the image above. The visual area will remain the same.

  • Drag out the image to zoom out and increase the size.
  • Push in to zoom in and decrease the size and zoom in if there is plenty of image outside the boundaries of the placeholder.

Position the image

To move the picture, click and drag the image with the mouse. When you are done, press Esc to deselect the image

Watch the video