How to Solve the Mystery of Your Out-of-Control Genealogy Admin

Art of Family History | Episode #034

Kick distractions to the kerb and unlock streamlined processes for the five key areas of your genealogy admin. #genealogy

Is your genealogy admin process all over the place, leaving you feeling like you spend more time trying to find your notes than you do on research?

I’ve been there. I even bought the same certificate three times only to discover that all purchases were a waste of money because I already had a copy. For years, I resisted creating genealogy admin processes and implementing systems because I thought they were a waste of time. I believed I’d also be able to remember everything I needed to. Well, that turned out to be a costly lesson.

I turned my hot mess non-system into something that saves me time (and money) while ensuring I keep chipping away at my genealogy goals. So, keep listening if you’re feeling frustrated with your to-file pile – digital or physical – and can’t find the notes you took last week.

In this episode of Art of Family History, number 34, I’m taking you behind the scenes to talk about the processes I use as well as the tools that make things easier. So, get inspired to stay on top of all the administrative tasks of being a family historian.

Keep watching to learn what I use to do:

  • genealogy research management
  • capturing my notes, analysis, theories and thoughts
  • creating to-search lists
  • managing the physical documents
  • planning and reviewing individual genealogy sessions

Stay until the end of the video to find out all the tools I love right now and the details of a free resource I have to help you with your research sessions.

Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What processes are you currently using to manage your genealogy admin tasks?

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Art of Family History Episode 34 | Save Time with Genealogy Admin Processes

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