Four Strategic Steps to Unlock Your Genealogy Organisation Super Powers

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Four strategic steps to unlock your genealogy organisation super powers. Follow the link to learn more.

You’ve got years — and years — of genealogy research notes and discoveries that you never quite got around to filing. Some of it’s physical, some are digital, but it’s all a nightmare to manage.

You watch every video and read all the articles about processes to achieve genealogy organisation superpowers. Still, the task is overwhelming, and you wouldn’t know how to start getting it sorted out. And who has that kind of time? After all, it took years to get into this state, so surely it will take as long to fix it.

Sound familiar? I’ve been there too, and I made some costly mistakes before I finally solved my organisation problem once and for all.

So today, on the Art of Family History, episode 26, I’m talking about genealogy organisation and how to go from disorder to order in less time and stress than you think.

Keep watching to find out about:

  • my four secret weapons to get everything organised and keep it that way
  • creating a system and structure that makes sense to you
  • how to tackle your piles of files in 15-minute blocks.

Are you ready? Let’s do this.

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