PowerPoint Photo Tip: Recolour photos in PowerPoint

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If you’ve been following me for a little while then you’ll know I’m a huge fan of PowerPoint. It’s versatile and easy to use – what’s not to love? It’s the perfect solution for photo invitations because of PowerPoint’s functionality to recolour photos.

Quickly adjust images and recolour photos as soon as you’ve dropped the image into the placeholder. When you click on an option, the selected image will automatically update. Then you can choose from black and white, sepia or a number of other tints based on the colour palette.

What you will need

  • One of my invitation or bookmark templates
  • Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your computer

Recolour photos

  1. Select the image
  2. Click on the Picture Tools/Format tab
  3. Select Color (it’s over on the left in the Adjust group)
  4. When you get the the dropdown menu, choose one of the options in the Recolor group. In the first row the first option is ‘No recolour’, then ‘grayscale’ and then ‘sepia’. While options in the second and third rows are tints of the active colour palette. Looking for different selections? Then change the colour palette!

Get creative and recolour photos in 4 clicks.

Why recolour photos?

Are you making bookmarks using photos from different eras? Or planning a wedding anniversary invite but the photo hasn’t aged well? That’s when quickly adjusting those images can make your invitation or bookmarks remarkable. When you experiment remember that it’s easy to reset to the original by selecting the ‘no recolor’ option.

That’s the basics of how to recolour photos in Powerpoint. How easy was that? Now it’s your turn to get creative. Remember, your imagination is the limit!

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