Ancestor Trading Card Template: Create Your Cards Part II

Video Tutorial | Part 3 of 4

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Tips & tricks for creating Ancestor Trading Cards using the Fuzzy Ink Stationery PowerPoint Template. #familyhistory #tradingcard #video #tutorial

Over the last two weeks, we’ve been working our way through the Ancestor Trading Card template guide. I put the guide (and videos) together to show the setup, and card creation, as well as export and printing. In the third video instalment, I continue with the ‘create-a-card’ demonstration.

The focus of this episode is on ancestors with multiple spouses. So watch the video below to see how I get creative with making the content fit the space. Also, I’ll show you how to duplicate slides to add more cards to the deck.

Let’s have a quick recap of the topics that I talk about during the four-week tutorial series:

It’s important to note that the examples that I demonstrate are suggestions are not the only possible options. The only limit is your imagination. Whether you include family trees, poetry, stories, quotes – it is up to you. The idea is to tell your family story, your way. Get creative and experiment with fonts, colours, and content.

Fuzzy Ink Stationery Ancestor Trading Card example
Example of an Ancestor Trading Card

Go behind-the-scenes before you buy

If you haven’t purchased the trading card template, or aren’t sure that you will, then the tutorial series is still for you. While the videos are about demonstrating the template, it’s also an insight into my processes. You’ll see that PowerPoint is so much more than presentation software. And you’ll also learn some handy PowerPoint and PDF tips along the way.

The Ancestor Trading Card template toolkit

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 (or later) installed on your computer
  • A copy of the Ancestor Trading Template
  • JPGs of the photos or images you want to use
  • Your genealogy research on your Ancestor

Take a look a creating Ancestor Trading Cards for multiple spouses

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