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Video Tutorial | Part 4 of 4

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How to export and print your Ancestor Trading Cards using the Fuzzy Ink Stationery PowerPoint Template. #familyhistory #tradingcard #video #tutorial

Welcome to the final episode of my Ancestor Trading Card template walkthrough. Over the last few weeks, I’ve worked through the guide to demonstrate using the PowerPoint template, currently available only from Etsy.

In both the guide and videos to-date my focus was on the setup and card creation. So in the last video instalment, I want to cover export and printing. I talk about reordering the file for export, as well as the steps to print the final PDF. Furthermore, I show you how the final print out will look (hint: like the example below). And discuss why reordering the cards is so important.

Fuzzy Ink Stationery Ancestor Trading Card example
Example of the printed page with four cards printed two-sided

If you think that you might have missed an episode of the four-week tutorial series, see the links below:

Do I need the trading card template?

If you want to work through the video tutorials, it would be handy to have a copy of the template. You can buy this from my Etsy store. If you don’t have a copy, then the tutorial series is still for you. While the focus is on how to create a trading card, you also learn about PowerPoint and printing techniques. Both handy things to know if you are planning future storytelling projects.

The Ancestor Trading Card template toolkit

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 (or later) installed on your computer
  • A copy of the Ancestor Trading Template
  • JPGs of the photos or images you want to use
  • Your genealogy research on your Ancestor

Let’s jump into exporting and printing

Get creative

Remember that the key to storytelling is to get creative. While I would love it if you used my templates, my goal is to encourage you to tell the stories. I provide examples of how I do tasks based on the information I have about my ancestors. But every ancestor is unique. Every story is different. Every story matters. I love the idea of a trading card for storytelling because it’s visual and shareable. It has also taken me three years to find a trading card format that works for my ancestors stories. Even if it’s not right for your storytelling, keep experimenting to find what is. Or better yet, let’s do it together.

Buy the trading card template


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